Empire House: New York City

The VIN12 Autumn Tasting

6pm - 9pm

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Independence House: Philadelphia

The VIN12 Autumn Tasting

6pm - 9pm

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


VIN12 past events

Aveda Earth Day Event NYC * The TriBeCa Wine Event NYC * The Pinot Noir Parade * California Dreaming wine event * Mi Corazon Event, the great wines of Spain, Argentina, Chile and Portugal...with special selections of Malbec * Zinsational: the zanfandel event * Get Down Under: the wines of Australia and New Zealand * Vive La France: the French wine event featuring the wines of Bordeaux, Rhone, Loire and Champagne * The Coastal Wine Event * La Dolce Vita: the Italian wine event * Pop The Bubble!: the Champagne, Prosecco, Spumante, Cava and Sparkling Wine Event



About VIN12


VIN12 was established over 10 years ago by founder Elie Ernest in San Francisco. His dream was to create a modern wine experience that allowed the nation to celebrate some of the finest wines produced here in the US and beyond. 


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 Our Partners


Featuring a curated selection of wines per event, VIN12 works with a full roster of wine producers. We take pride in pairing our events with producers and their wines that we love and know that our guests will love. 


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Our Events


Each venue is unique, our untraditional spaces (grand lobbies, boutique hotels, art museums, atriums) provide one-of-a-kind atmospheres where wine lovers of all ages can come together to enjoy a timeless social tradition. 


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